Fresh Start

Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :01-14-2018, Uploaded By : Andrew
Directed By :  Andrew Parnell, ,,
Shot On: Canon T5i ,   Crew Members: 3  Duration:
New York ,New York , United States   Views: 2725
Inspiration: A man lost his wife in a tragic car accident, after celebrating their wedding anniversary. After a year of mourning, he sells his home and all his belongings, while picking up the pieces emotionally to start a new journey in his life. Inspired by the friend who lost his wife in a car accident. A film that stimulates a realistic insight of "what if" it was me.

I am sad to hear this was a true story, what a tragic event. My prayers go out to your friend. The music really draws you in to the emotion. Love the angles. Great work. 
i can relate the frustration of unable to reverse the life. Life is Short. leave baggage behind and start fresh. God bless him. Beautifully Shot.  
Thanks, Micheal truly appreciate it 
You are right Harshvi live is definitely short that why we should never take life for granted, Glad you like the film though and thanks for the comment. 
Love the music. Really touching for me. 
So sad to hear it is based on a true story. Moving! 
Nice job bringing out the emotion and I like the flashback shots.  
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