Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :01-12-2018, Uploaded By :
Directed By :  Michael Crump, Producer,,
Shot On: Galaxy S7,   Crew Members: 4  Duration:
Zion ,Il , United States   Views: 4144
Inspiration: The Theme "Fresh Start" gives me the feeling of someone who wants to start over from a current way of life that they may not like. So in this short film I wanted to portray that the main character "Manual" does not like what he does for a living which is why he seeks to use the cash gained from it for a fresh start, only he then feels as though after all hes done to acquire that makes him unworthy of that fresh start, so he leaves it to go do what he feels will be cleaning up his past with the hopes that if it isn't there when he gets back then someone else that is worthy can have a fresh start.

Really exciting to see your work progress. Improvement has definitely come in practice! 
Thank you Jacob, That means a lot. 
its so difficult to start fresh from a past like that bro but yes your short gives a message beyond, brave attempt. Action sequence is really good and edit too. 
That is really sad. Love the music. Really emotional for me. 
Great fight scene by the way. 
Great job Micheal well organized and structured.  
The ending is a "fresh" take on the fresh start theme. Nice! 
Nice to see you back on filmaka. I liked it. Keep making stuff Michael!  
Awesome to see your production two months in a row! 
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