A Fresh Start

Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :01-08-2018, Uploaded By : Sahra
Directed By :  Sahra Bhimji, filmmaker/teacher,,
Shot On: Canon C100,   Crew Members: 2  Duration: 5.00 mins
Berkeley ,CA , United States   Views: 2497
Inspiration: I wanted to do something really visual. I suppose the inspiration was a little bit "Goldilocks" and a little bit looking at my community around me - such extremes of wealth and poverty. I had a great time making this film but the edit was painful, getting it down to five minutes proved really tough!

hey Excellent story and content, i can say i am in love with your lead character, intensity on her face simply awesome. Special credit to camera work and curiosity in direction, excellent.  
I feel that lead actress is fabulous, and the camera work is too. great direction and story. bravo! 
Great work! Meaningful, great actress, good composition and editing. May be a soft background music in the beginning of the film would add more emotion (opinion).  
This is great Sahra. I really liked the ambiance and sound.  
Thought provoking...and moving! 
Great story! 
Thanks for all the nice feedback and positive comments. I really appreciate it.  
You nailed the #1 thing, story. 
Cool.. Withholding the music ends up adding tension and possibility that something is about to happen.  {Jury Member}
Loved the performance of the leading lady and your camera movement. Unique and original story, well done! {Jury Member}
Good job! Real great idea. 
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