THE HIVE Competition

Congratulations to the winners of THE HIVE COMPETITION, Filmaka's sixth competition of the new season!

1st Place Winner: Alexander Flataus for "CADENCE"
2nd Place Winner: Melicka Jamshidabadi for "Disparity"
3rd Place Winner: Laura Long for "The Hive"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.
"i thought the general quality and inspirations behind the films were very high in THE HIVE. i enjoyed the varied stories and the clever execution of many of the tales. bravo to all of you involved in this section of the competition." -Neil LaBute
"I had a very hard time judging "The Hive" competition. All the submissions were very strong, both technically and creatively. My hat is off to all the filmmakers and the crews." -Thomas Augsberger

Contest Name: The Hive Submission Date :06-13-2018, Uploaded By : Melika Jamshidabadi
Directed By :  melicka, filmmaker,,
Inspiration: Often times we don’t pay attention to our surroundings and the lives we have. One day when I was as at Disneyland I heard the sound of fireworks and I got excited because it meant that something beautiful was commencing. At the same time it occurred to me, that the same sound I was so excited to hear, which was leading to something full of life and joy, can be the sound that some people will be terrified to hear somewhere else in the world because it would be full of death and sadness. I made this movie to open more peoples eyes to the world around them so they will take action towards bringing peace and comfort for those who experience hardships from war, poverty, and hunger. Let’s hope for a day that all sounds in all parts of the world represent peace, happiness, and something beautiful.


Neil LaBute
{Jury Member}

really fine use of imagery and music! good work!
Directed By Alexander

First Place $2500
disparity-melicka disparity
Directed By melicka

Second Place $1500
The Hive-Spencer The Hive
Directed By Spencer

Third Place $750