THE HIVE Competition

Congratulations to the winners of THE HIVE COMPETITION, Filmaka's sixth competition of the new season!

1st Place Winner: Alexander Flataus for "CADENCE"
2nd Place Winner: Melicka Jamshidabadi for "Disparity"
3rd Place Winner: Laura Long for "The Hive"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.
"i thought the general quality and inspirations behind the films were very high in THE HIVE. i enjoyed the varied stories and the clever execution of many of the tales. bravo to all of you involved in this section of the competition." -Neil LaBute
"I had a very hard time judging "The Hive" competition. All the submissions were very strong, both technically and creatively. My hat is off to all the filmmakers and the crews." -Thomas Augsberger

The Hive BY Laura Long
Contest Name: The Hive Submission Date :06-19-2018, Uploaded By : Laura Long
Directed By :  Spencer Greene, ,,


Donna Coley-Trice

Deep. I get it and I like it. Well done!

Luis Fernandez-Gil

Well thought

Tim Brothers

nicely executed – perfect tone and mood.

Neil LaBute
{Jury Member}

well done! i appreciate the world you created in just a few minutes....
Directed By Alexander

First Place $2500
disparity-melicka disparity
Directed By melicka

Second Place $1500
The Hive-Spencer The Hive
Directed By Spencer

Third Place $750