THE HIVE Competition

Congratulations to the winners of THE HIVE COMPETITION, Filmaka's sixth competition of the new season!

1st Place Winner: Alexander Flataus for "CADENCE"
2nd Place Winner: Melicka Jamshidabadi for "Disparity"
3rd Place Winner: Laura Long for "The Hive"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.
"i thought the general quality and inspirations behind the films were very high in THE HIVE. i enjoyed the varied stories and the clever execution of many of the tales. bravo to all of you involved in this section of the competition." -Neil LaBute
"I had a very hard time judging "The Hive" competition. All the submissions were very strong, both technically and creatively. My hat is off to all the filmmakers and the crews." -Thomas Augsberger

PB (Lobby) BY Pedro Blanco-Uribe
Contest Name: The Phone Call Submission Date :07-31-2018, Uploaded By : Pedro Blanco-Uribe
Directed By :  Pedro Blanco-Uribe, Filmmaker,,
Inspiration: “PB” Was made in Caracas in 2 shooting days. It is my first work as a Director and Screenwriter. I shot in 35mm in spite of the low budget. I worked on a 2:1 basis in order to finís all shots without using more Film. Than i had calculated. That in why many shots of the movie are unique. The time we had for pre-production was very toght, so in order to optimize it i rehearsed the choreography with the actors few days befote the shooting. In our second day we made 58 shots in 16 shooting hours. My biggest fear was the soundtrack. I know it placed a very important role beacuse the store has no dialogs but a couple of voice over. De rest is folie, backgrounds sounds and music. Salsa music is an important narrative element in the store. That is why I had to compose and direct the orchesta. It was a great experience.


Andrew Parnell

Very hilarious and funny, great Job

Pedro Blanco-Uribe


Tamar Ciment

hahaha love it

Jardiel Quezada

Very funny, well executed.

Zak Penn
{Jury Member}

Very well done, congratulations

T-bone Without The Steak

lol, the cinematography took me back in time. Fantastic job incorporating the theme!

Rebecca Both

I really liked this one it was very unique and funny!!! would love to collaborate with you on something not sure where you live or be in one of your projects, thanks!

Pedro Blanco-Uribe

Thank you all!! : ) Rebecca I live in Miami Beach, your Wellcome.

Pedro Blanco-Uribe

Thank you Mr. Zak It is an honor to read your comment! ( :
Directed By Alexander

First Place $2500
disparity-melicka disparity
Directed By melicka

Second Place $1500
The Hive-Spencer The Hive
Directed By Spencer

Third Place $750