Man Versus Nature

Contest Name :09 Jan-Feb-March Documentary, Submission Date :02-19-2009, Uploaded By : Abhijit
Directed By :  Abhijit Ghosh, Video Editor,,
Shot On: Sony pd 170, Edited On: Adobe Premiere,  Crew Members: 3  Duration:
Pandaveswar ,WB , India   Views: 1862
Inspiration: This film is a document of the struggle between man and nature.

good one! :) 
NIce document....i liked it 
i like india it's amazing anyway it's the source of humanity 
Its one of the best I have seen online. 
The film created a deep feeling for my country men there . Thanks abhi for doing this type of works. my best wishes will be with you for doing such work.  
Good work Abhijit. You capture the simplicity of the real India while giving a deep insight. Best of luck. 
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i liked it. my style. 
Nice work :-) Totally gave me the feeling of the place. 
Very nice! Agreed, I could feel the atmosphere! First film I've seen on Filmaka as I'm new to this site, loved it! 
Awesome!!! This is EXACTLY what I want to do! I am currently an Anthropology major and a Media Arts major at the University of South Carolina... leaning toward Visual Anthropology. So, you have created a very interesting piece that is a lot like what I aspire to do. Thanks for sharing it! Great work, to see and feel what it is like to be in that community. I would love to do something in India! :) 
no coments,,,, bravooo 
Thanks Abhijit, important stuff and we need more of these kinds of insights into the world. I'd suggest a couple of additonal shots would have shaped the effect of the film more strongly. My questions would be...what else do the men do each day? Are the women forced to work at gathering food because the men must continue to fight the water? Do the men spend a part of everyday fighting this battel? Are they winning? The fact your piece raises such questions is fantastic and iluustrates what an effective idea you have begun. Good luck and congratulations, Kind regards daniel speed.  
Hi ABHIJIT GHOSH, Love the video you have posted. This is something too that I would like for myself to get into more. We need more Documentaries like these to be shown espc. in rural, unknown locations. By chance, do you have a video of the guys and women interacting with you or being asked questions?  
Abhi, Beautiful piece you have created here. Such important information you have taken and brought to our attention. Because I love your subject matter and the life you have captured in your film, I have a suggestion that perhaps may be of use. In the beginning segments where the men are building the bar, you have captured some really wonderful sounds such as the slapping of the mud against the mud as they build. This sound creates a definite tone in the piece, and one of the hardships these men go through. That sound really pierced my heart. However, the wind pipe/flute is played throughout the whole time the men build the bar and the beautiful sounds you have captured are drowned out at times and we cannot feel that emotional impact that is truly there, and which indeed you have captured. I would suggest giving the viewer a chance to hear those sounds without the flute at times. And last but not least, I want to see more! I want to see more about their life and how the building of the bar is affecting their daily struggle to exist and save their land. The reason I want to know more is because you have created great work here and I am captivated by it. Congratulations, Abhi, on such fine work. -Sharon McHenryPower 
A moving piece, nicely done Abhi 
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