Jack and Jill

Contest Name :DIRECTV, Submission Date :09-11-2009, Uploaded By : Danilo
Directed By :  Danilo Di Julio, Actor, Writer, Director, DP, Singer,,
Shot On: Panasonic AG HMC150, Edited On: iMovie HD 06,  Crew Members: 6  Duration: 6.92 mins
Marina del Rey ,CA , United States   Views: 567
Inspiration: Inspired by Cori, my soon to be wife, by 2.5 years of being a nice single guy and the desire to compete and by the challenge of my first "real" film.

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*Jack and Jill*-Danilo
*Jack and Jill*
Directed By Danilo

6.92 min 0
Directed By Brett

5.60 min 0
Mans New Best Friend-David
Mans New Best Friend
Directed By David

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The Power-Michael
The Power
Directed By Michael

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Great Moments In His-Michael
Great Moments In His
Directed By Michael

2.98 min 0
College Delivery Man-Richard
College Delivery Man
Directed By Richard

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Can't Lose-Yaara
Can't Lose
Directed By Yaara

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Noir Tonight?-Susan
Noir Tonight?
Directed By Susan

4.00 min 0
Directed By Joseph

3.55 min 0
Directed By Doug

4.30 min 0
The Digital Family-Patricio
The Digital Family
Directed By Patricio

4.00 min 0
Year of The Rabbit --Peter
Year of The Rabbit -
Directed By Peter

4.67 min 0
The Direct Shopping -Trip
The Direct Shopping
Directed By Trip

4.08 min 0
One of Those Days-Nikol
One of Those Days
Directed By Nikol

2.72 min 0
The Call of the Wild-Everlyn
The Call of the Wild
Directed By Everlyn

4.00 min 0
Frank's Tale - A DIR-David
Frank's Tale - A DIR
Directed By David

3.30 min 0
HD The Musical-Purple
HD The Musical
Directed By Purple

3.72 min 0
Directed By John

4.72 min 0
Between The Lines-Zack
Between The Lines
Directed By Zack

5.17 min 0
The Power-Michael
The Power
Directed By Michael

4.95 min 0
Jack and Jill-Danilo
Jack and Jill
Directed By Danilo

6.92 min 0
Directed By Shane

4.00 min 0
The Power-MIchael
The Power
Directed By MIchael

4.20 min 0