Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :12-16-2017, Uploaded By : Prince
Directed By :  Prince Mackey, mentee,,
Shot On: DJI Osmo,   Crew Members: 8  Duration:
memphis ,TN , United States   Views: 14258
Inspiration: This film was made with one question in mind : If you could go back what would you do-over ?

It feels more like a music video to me than a short movie but I still like it, amazing scenery and effects. Thumbs up from me. Good job. 
This film has both an interesting story and visual style. I liked how you structured it. The music got a little repetitive but you did a great job overall.  
Beautiful... nicely executed man. Great concept.! 
Great story and a cool style.  
Even though there was no dialogue in this piece the concept was definitely clear. Good job. 
"Do-Over"...Nice concept! 
unusual and simple special effects in your transitions gel well with your intention, strong performances of both kids, congratulations. {Jury Member}
The overall visual was unique. Great job!! 
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