No Good Deed

Contest Name :Off the Grid, Submission Date :04-25-2018, Uploaded By : Mihaela
Directed By :  Mihaela Cristina Istrate and Donovan Cerminara, Filmmaker, Media/Marketing Manager,,
Shot On: Arri Alexa,   Crew Members: 26  Duration: 4.01 mins
Toronto , , Canada   Views: 836
Inspiration: This movie was inspired by our friends and family members that have served and continue to serve in the military. We also dedicate this film to the victims of the 9/11 tragedy and the heroes that risked their lives on that day. The message we want to send with this film is that when a soldier goes to war, many of them experience PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and do not get the medical attention they deserve. Conversely, with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, suicide rates among military personnel have substantially increased. Although we do not explore the suicide theme in this film, we do show how PTSD can affect soldiers during combat. We will continue to make films and explore more topics but we need all the support we can get. We also cast actors from different ethnicities, women in film as well because we felt that we wanted to show diversity. A lot of military films tend to fail to show diversity. We have many military personnel that enjoyed this short film and some were even inspired to tell their own story. We hope our audiences and juries enjoy this film, may this film inspire every filmmaker out there to always challenge yourself and believe in yourself!

This was a great short film and I would be interested in watching more. 
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We/re better off
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No Good Deed-Mihaela
No Good Deed
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A Rose by any other
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Hide and Seek-Pablo
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Off the Map-Jason
Off the Map
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"Its A Great Connect
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Lipstick Eyes-Joshua
Lipstick Eyes
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