Stop. Look. Listen.

Contest Name :Lost in Translation, Submission Date :11-21-2017, Uploaded By : Christina
Directed By :  Christina Cannarella, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Canon 5D Mark iii,   Crew Members: 5  Duration: 5.60 mins
Los Angeles , , United States   Views: 3113
Inspiration: So often, we think we know what people want and need especially those closest to us. We don’t take the time to STOP and breathe in order to LOOK and observe at what someone might be attempting to tell us. We let our frustrations and stress block our ability to effectively LISTEN to another person. Whether they are capable of speaking with words or not, it does not matter.

Great job Christina. Captured that relationship perfectly. 
Powerful short, touching to the last, beautiful and subtle. Shortlisted. 
Check mine and let me know your thoughts. 
Great job Rachel and Christina. Captured the situation with such sensitivity and care.  
Good job portraying such a tough situation and showing love will prevail  
Wonderful and powerful short about an important subject matter. Great job. Shortlisted.  
Had to watch twice. When I did I got it. Solid {Jury Member}
It was very moving and visceral. When it ended, I wondered why the boy didn’t use the voice box sooner to say that he needed to go to the bathroom. {Jury Member}
Thank you Don Murphy for your comment. I appreciate it. With gratitude, Christina  
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