Contest Name :Lost in Translation, Submission Date :11-21-2017, Uploaded By : Federico
Directed By :  Federico Casal, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Digital (Nikon D3200),   Crew Members: 1  Duration:
Montevideo , , Uruguay   Views: 2594
Inspiration: "Lost in translation" is a state of being that best describes artists, for not only they have to interpret reality around them, but also their inner worlds. Stuck while trying to find the right word, a writer takes a break and roams his house, addressing in an inner monologue things pertinent to his life and craft.

Me, up until the day before the deadline... 
Hard to believe that could be made with only 1 crew, well done. 
Thank you, Nate! 
Amazing shots! And great exploration of the theme! 
I agree, there are some really great shots here.  
LOVE the mood! And the use of Bach ;) 
I must say this is my favorite. Feels quite intimate but also universal. 
Very poetic 
I have the same camera but never got anything like this! 
Interpretation is in everything. Good job! 
Great use of shadows 
The most different and unique one. Smart work.  {Jury Member}
The film was lyrical, but it needed more of a story structure to get the idea across. {Jury Member}
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New Zealand
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Old World New-Miles
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2nd Place winner
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5.00 min 8
3rd Place winner
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United States
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