The Girls Are Alright

Contest Name :The Phone Call, Submission Date :08-10-2018, Uploaded By : Gwai
Directed By :  Gwai Lou (David Yanez), filmmaker,,
Shot On: Sony a7s MKII,   Crew Members: 7  Duration:
Subang Jaya ,Selangor , Malaysia   Views: 9049
Inspiration: Synopsis: Orked and Ani, best friends since they started school, don´t meet so often since Orked´s family have moved and she now studies in another school. Nevertheless, they still remain best friends, so when Ani receives a strange proposition through a dating app she has just registered with, Orked is the first person Ani talks to. This is a story about the dangers of being a teenager in these strange internet-bombarded days, but despite that, our children´s guardian angel can come in many forms, which could sometimes be their closest friend.

an important issue addressed in a very simple way...message received. Good job 
Thoughtful, good message. 
I like the dialogue, but too much cursing for the kind of girls that they are students and not street girls. 
I like the dialogue, but too much cursing for the kind of girls that they are students and not street girls. 
Very interesting, loved the locations  {Jury Member}
Well captured the sadness of peer pressure. {Jury Member}
Thank you for your comments!  
@Jardiel, I liked the idea of the girls swearing all the time to pretend to be grown up. 
I really liked this one too, it was very real and very authentic I enjoyed it very much!  
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