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When I watch a film, a film that moves me to tears, makes me screech with laughter, puts a smile on my face that I am unable to erase, I know that no matter what it takes, I will be able to give others those very reactions. My mind revels in the untold stories out there, ones I will put my name too. I am young in age but my mind has lived a long fruitful life. I have been fortunate to have lived and visited places all over the world. I have met the most incredible people through my journeys, each with there own story to tell. I was born in Toronto, Canada but grew up mostly in South Africa and Zambia. I now currently reside in South Africa, one of the most amazing places to live. While growing up I had a love for Acting, I did anything I could get my hands on. Even being an extra fulfilled my life in ways I could never fathom. My love for Drama took me to writing my own pieces, and then next to directing which I loved just as much. After school, I went traveling, while out ‘finding’ myself I experienced some of the most inspiring moments. The longer I was away from acting and directing the more I missed it. My special place to hang out was the cinema and there was nothing like it, the cinema was my best friend, it made me feel a rollercoaster of emotions, we had our good times and some days were bad, but I loved it all the same. I then decided to study my passion and dream, Film. I came back to South Africa, unsure of what to focus on, I have loved Cinematography, Editing, Writing, Producing and Production design, but my true love would have to be Directing… I have been 1st AD on a couple of films and loved it. I have made a few short film and nothing beats that rush of when you are on set, I have met amazing people doing what I love and I have learnt new and exciting things from each project I go one. The most amazing feeling in the world is finding what you love and being able to do it everyday, and I hope I can continue being a part of films, as they have always been a part of me…

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