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I've always had a passion for film. When I left school I had two choices; go to university and study music or go to technical institute down the road and study media. That was the closest I could get to studying film at the time. As it turns out I was one of the fifteen students selected to do the Bachelor of Music degree at the university that year. So I was off to university. As it turns out the degree wasn't quite what I was expecting. Apparently performance practice didn't mean getting practice at performing. It meant playing on original instruments, using long-forgotten techniques. So having been the model student while at school I rapidly became a very bad student, missing lectures, handing work in late or not at all. No matter how hard I tried to stick to the timetable I just couldn't do it. Probably because my heart just wasn't in it. Somehow I managed to get a degree in Maths, Physics and Music. However the University had managed to kill off any passion for music. I did learn one thing though; a lot of the time I could learn what I needed to know from a book. These days I also have the Internet. It was several years later that I realised the lecturers at university were wrong, that I didn't have to wait for someone to 'discover' me and that creative endeavour wasn't limited to an assignment spec handed out in a classroom. So I bought a whole lot of books on composing for film, orchestration, and orchestral samples from Germany(because I can't stand synthesized sounds). I'm still learning though. I'm still exploring the way sound fits with vision in film. And I am still trying to crack what makes good story-telling.

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