Final Competition Submissions

Catalyst BY Bryson Lima
Contest Name: Final Competition Season #1 2019 Submission Date :12-13-2019, Uploaded By : Bryson Lima
Directed By :  Bryson Lima, Executive Assistant - Film Industry,,
Inspiration: "Catalyst" Synopsis: In a therapy session, a young businessman recalls betraying his partner in order to reveal the truth about their corrupt corporation.


Troy Brown

Hey Bryson congrats on a great project. Really different take on The Whistleblower with a nice twist at the end. I love the long shot with Evan and Margret in the hallway when he is consoling her and starting to feel the guilt, great trope of the genre and well used. You managed to squeeze so much story in 5 minutes its a really impressive and powerful journey following the characters arch.

Alexander Flatau

Really dramatic and compelling, I enjoyed your short a lot.

Tim Brothers

Amazing sound design. Congrats!
Whistleblower by Alexander Flatau-Alexander Whistleblower by Alexander Flatau
Directed By Alexander

Title9-Amy Title9
Directed By Amy

Terminal-Anshul Terminal
Directed By Anshul

Catalyst-Bryson Catalyst
Directed By Bryson

Rat-Dawn Rat
Directed By Dawn

Anamoly-Gwai Anamoly
Directed By Gwai

1460-Jad 1460
Directed By Jad

The Source-Jared The Source
Directed By Jared

The Takedown of Melanie Sprottle-Joanna The Takedown of Melanie Sprottle
Directed By Joanna

The Whistleblower Miles Crossman-Miles The Whistleblower Miles Crossman
Directed By Miles

Affirmation-Nate Affirmation
Directed By Nate

	The Whistle Blower shot-Ozum The Whistle Blower shot
Directed By Ozum

Directed By PAME

Slow Whistle-Paul Slow Whistle
Directed By Paul

November 2, 1988-Sahra November 2, 1988
Directed By Sahra

The Whistleblower by Sara Lohman-Sara The Whistleblower by Sara Lohman
Directed By Sara

Blowback-Tim Blowback
Directed By Tim

The Whistleblower by Troy Brown-Troy The Whistleblower by Troy Brown
Directed By Troy

No Name-Zahir No Name
Directed By Zahir