Final Competition Submissions

The Whistleblower Miles Crossman BY Miles S Crossman
Contest Name: Final Competition Season #1 2019 Submission Date :12-14-2019, Uploaded By : Miles Crossman
Directed By :  Miles S Crossman, Writer,,
Inspiration: We've all been in a situation where we knew that the rules were being broken but no one seems to care, sometimes it's our responsibility to do something about it.


Joanna Beveridge

Ha! I had a proper chuckle at the end of this one **no spoilers**

Troy Brown

Congrats on great project Miles. Like Joanna, I wont do any spoliers but loved it. Also the use of the one shot was amazing. Very hard technique to implement properly and your cast did amazing to execute it all on time which can be so difficult. I wanted to re-watch the film after seeing it so I could play listen back to the conversation with the knowledge of what was coming and have to say it was brilliant second time round as you know whats coming and it still remains funny. Well done.

Tim Brothers

nice performances. and final twist! ;)
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