Grannys Day Out

Contest Name :2007 Feature Winners, Submission Date :02-26-2008, Uploaded By : Kevin
Directed By :  Kevin Redford, Filmmaker,Los Angeles,
Shot On: Sony FX1, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.34 mins
, , United States   Views: 773
Inspiration: James Bond, Mission Impossible, Martial Arts movies,
Other Info: Grannys relaxing afternoon in the park is interrupted by kidnapping, machine guns, and a sinister plot to take over the world.

“ Good idea to do a send up of the action genre using grandma as the main character. I especially thought the fight sequence with the ninjas was well done. Liked the surprise ending.” all the best, Deepak {Jury Member}
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The Secret Adventure-Santiago
The Secret Adventure
Directed By Santiago

3.26 min 5
The Secret Adventure-Karoly
The Secret Adventure
Directed By Karoly

3.38 min 1
Out Of The Blue-Simao
Out Of The Blue
Directed By Simao

3.07 min 0
From India With Love-AnshulJ
From India With Love
Directed By AnshulJ

3.50 min 2
The Secret Adventure-Max
The Secret Adventure
Directed By Max

3.25 min 6
The Kinght And The P-Ricardo
The Kinght And The P
Directed By Ricardo

3.95 min 2
The Famous Smile (De-Anne
The Famous Smile (De
Directed By Anne

3.80 min 3
Tonight At The Mowle-Joe
Tonight At The Mowle
Directed By Joe

2.58 min 4
Lost Secrets-Fernando
Lost Secrets
Directed By Fernando

3.34 min 1
Grannys Day Out-Kevin
Grannys Day Out
Directed By Kevin

3.34 min 1
Payback For Dummies-Richard
Payback For Dummies
Directed By Richard

3.34 min 1
The Secret Adventure-Luis
The Secret Adventure
Directed By Luis

3.71 min 2
Directed By Smita

3.50 min 1
Greater Obligations-Byron
Greater Obligations
Directed By Byron

3.34 min 1
Oi Oi Saveloy-Anastasia
Oi Oi Saveloy
Directed By Anastasia

3.87 min 2
Secrets And Adventur-Hedia
Secrets And Adventur
Directed By Hedia

3.25 min 1
Directed By Miguel

3.01 min 2
And I Refuse To Forg-Nuru
And I Refuse To Forg
Directed By Nuru

3.34 min 4
Directed By Wataru

3.33 min 2
The Cache-Ted
The Cache
Directed By Ted

4.11 min 3
Directed By Noah

3.69 min 3
Death Gets A Life-Rudolf
Death Gets A Life
Directed By Rudolf

3.56 min 3
The Secret Adventure-Randy
The Secret Adventure
Directed By Randy

3.54 min 2
Directed By varda

3.98 min 3
Door #2-William
Door #2
Directed By William

3.68 min 2
The Secret Adventure-Daniel
The Secret Adventure
Directed By Daniel

3.45 min 2
Directed By Fili

3.37 min 2
The Making Of...Amer-Louie
The Making Of...Amer
Directed By Louie

2.46 min 0
The Beauty Queen-Brett
The Beauty Queen
Directed By Brett

3.00 min 2
Directed By Cullen

3.33 min 4
The Man, The Dick & -Emil
The Man, The Dick &
Directed By Emil

3.53 min 3
American Dream-Azi
American Dream
Directed By Azi

3.44 min 2
The Secret Adventure-Sahra
The Secret Adventure
Directed By Sahra

3.05 min 3
The Secret Life Of A-Terry
The Secret Life Of A
Directed By Terry

4.11 min 3
Directed By Ambika

3.32 min 3
Home Service-Hugo
Home Service
Directed By Hugo

3.34 min 2
The Eternal Kiss-Barbara
The Eternal Kiss
Directed By Barbara

3.43 min 5