American Dream

Contest Name :2007 Feature Winners, Submission Date :02-25-2008, Uploaded By : Azi
Directed By :  Azi Rahman, Film Maker,London,
Shot On: Sony Z1, Edited On: Final Cut,  Crew Members: 13  Duration: 3.44 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 4632
Inspiration: Coppola, Scorcese, De Palma, Leone, Cimino, Schrader, Fellini, Woo, Tony Scott, Tarantino, George `Scarface` Raft, `Tough Jews` (book by Rich Cohen)
Other Info: Based on a true story. Gangster Gangy Cohen turned Actor Jack Gordon is living the American Dream in LA until his criminal past catches up with him

Effective editing but I always have a problem with young actors pretending to be tough guys based on performances from movies they've seen. Time to extend your reach. {Jury Member}
Paul, Thank you for your feedback. Mishima was one of the first films I studied at Warwick University and your books and articles were required reading on my film course. I'm disappointed you felt the actors were "pretending" rather than attempting to live truthfully in an imaginary set of circumstances. The actors were not young, they were all, bar myself and the two girls, in their late 30s and early forties - the right ages for the parts they were playing. Roger is a genuine Hell's Kitchen tough guy and Rocco is a genuine Italian American New Yorker. I suspect the highly derivative nature of my script may have influenced your view of their performances. That aside it is a great honour to have had my script seen by someone whose work has been an inspiration to me. Kind regards, Alec Christie  
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The Secret Adventure-Santiago
The Secret Adventure
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The Secret Adventure-Karoly
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Out Of The Blue-Simao
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The Secret Adventure-Max
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The Kinght And The P-Ricardo
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The Famous Smile (De-Anne
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Tonight At The Mowle-Joe
Tonight At The Mowle
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2.58 min 4
Lost Secrets-Fernando
Lost Secrets
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3.34 min 1
Grannys Day Out-Kevin
Grannys Day Out
Directed By Kevin

3.34 min 1
Payback For Dummies-Richard
Payback For Dummies
Directed By Richard

3.34 min 1
The Secret Adventure-Luis
The Secret Adventure
Directed By Luis

3.71 min 2
Directed By Smita

3.50 min 1
Greater Obligations-Byron
Greater Obligations
Directed By Byron

3.34 min 1
Oi Oi Saveloy-Anastasia
Oi Oi Saveloy
Directed By Anastasia

3.87 min 2
Secrets And Adventur-Hedia
Secrets And Adventur
Directed By Hedia

3.25 min 1
Directed By Miguel

3.01 min 2
And I Refuse To Forg-Nuru
And I Refuse To Forg
Directed By Nuru

3.34 min 4
Directed By Wataru

3.33 min 2
The Cache-Ted
The Cache
Directed By Ted

4.11 min 3
Directed By Noah

3.69 min 3
Death Gets A Life-Rudolf
Death Gets A Life
Directed By Rudolf

3.56 min 3
The Secret Adventure-Randy
The Secret Adventure
Directed By Randy

3.54 min 2
Directed By varda

3.98 min 3
Door #2-William
Door #2
Directed By William

3.68 min 2
The Secret Adventure-Daniel
The Secret Adventure
Directed By Daniel

3.45 min 2
Directed By Fili

3.37 min 2
The Making Of...Amer-Louie
The Making Of...Amer
Directed By Louie

2.46 min 0
The Beauty Queen-Brett
The Beauty Queen
Directed By Brett

3.00 min 2
Directed By Cullen

3.33 min 4
The Man, The Dick & -Emil
The Man, The Dick &
Directed By Emil

3.53 min 3
American Dream-Azi
American Dream
Directed By Azi

3.44 min 2
The Secret Adventure-Sahra
The Secret Adventure
Directed By Sahra

3.05 min 3
The Secret Life Of A-Terry
The Secret Life Of A
Directed By Terry

4.11 min 3
Directed By Ambika

3.32 min 3
Home Service-Hugo
Home Service
Directed By Hugo

3.34 min 2
The Eternal Kiss-Barbara
The Eternal Kiss
Directed By Barbara

3.43 min 5